Description: Varsity Dream Team is an extension of CCFC’s highly successful Dream Team program designed to give opportunities for advanced players to excel in an even more rigorous educational environment.  Participants will benefit from extended small group sessions with CCFC’s excellent team of master instructors, as well as special guest instructors.  The training sessions will specifically prepare them for our recommended events away from the club. See schedule below. Please note that Varsity Dream Team participants are also welcome to join us for our regular Dream team practices on Fridays 4-5pm and Saturdays 10-11am.

2016-17 ROSTER

1. Daryl Lavin
2. Brent McCreesh
3. Aurelius Mlynar
4. Joseph Ho
5. Michael Fotin
6. Shailen Smith
7. Nielsen Gordon
8. Nicholas Kurbanov
9. Eddie Li
10. Eric Stein
11. Andrew Gray


Instruction: Varsity Dream Team will have an in-depth focus on some of the most important topics for developing players hoping to reach the ranks of expert and master.  Developing an opening repertoire that suits your style
  • Advanced middlegame strategies
  • Advanced endgame studies
  • Developing strong habits for self improvement. 
  • Online Training Tournament Games

Our small groups along with extended 90 minute classes will ensure that all topics are covered comprehensively.  Practices will take place on Saturdays from 8:30-10am.

Trips:  As part of this program we have recommended and scheduled four events that will provide an enriching experience for the team and individual players. 
  1. Stamford Open - Nov. 4-6th
  2. CCFC Fairfield County Fall Team Championships - Nov. 19th
  3. K-12 National Championships (Nashville, Tennessee) - Dec. 16-18th
  4. 2017 US Amateur Team East (Parsippany, New Jersey) - Feb. 18-20th
Instruction will be provided at the Stamford Open and coaches will play alongside Varsity Dream Teamers in the team events.  Parents are responsible for making their own travel arrangements as well as any fees for each event.  See schedule below dates and more details.
Requirements: All participants must be in grades K-12 and have a minimum peak rating of 1200 in order to be eligible to register.  They will also be expected to have a strong work ethic, enthusiasm for chess and learning, and act as good role models for junior players.  Varsity Dream Teamers will also be asked to participate in at least one regular Dream Team match.


Registration & Fees: $400, for CCFC Members.  $600 Non-Members. The fee for Varsity Dream Team includes ten 90 minute specialized small group training sessions with our professional team and guest instructors, coach attendance on trips, and a personalized team jersey.  Each family is responsible for covering their own travel and entry fee expenses associated with each trip. On-site coaching at the Stamford Open will be included. Varsity Dream Teamers will receive an additional discount to join our instructional group at the nationals.



Oct. 1
Training Session (1)
Oct. 8
Training Session (2)
Oct. 22
Training Session (3)
Oct. 29
Training Session (4)
Nov. 4-6
Stamford Open
Weekend Event

Click Here For Tournament Details
Two or three day tournament at the Sheraton Hotel in Stamford, CT. This tournament features longer time controls in a more serious playing environment. Coaching will be provided venue at the tournament prior to the start of the games on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
Nov. 12
Training Session (5)
Nov. 19
CCFC Fairfield County Fall Team Championship
One Day Event

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A team tournament where Varsity Dream Teamers will be grouped with each other and coaches to form competitive teams.
Dec. 3
Training Session (6)
Dec. 10
Training Session (7)
Dec. 16-18
2016 National K-12 Championships
Weekend Event

Click Here For Tournament Details
A three day event in Nashville, TN. Coaching at nationals is not included in the Varsity Dream Team program, however, players will be welcome to join our CCFC group travelling to Tennessee and will receive a special discount.
Jan. 21
Training Session (8)
Jan. 28
Training Session (9)
Feb. 4
Training Session (10)
Feb. 18-20
US Amateur Team East
Weekend Event

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A three day tournament in Parsippany, NJ. One of the largest tournaments held in US. Varsity Dream Teamers will be grouped with each other and CCFC coaches to make competitive teams.

Questions? Contact us at or (203) 505-6215.



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