Over the board rated tournaments return to CCFC!
See below for safety precautions we have implemented.

Sunday G/30 Quads

Sunday, September 3rd

Chess Club of Fairfield County
710 West Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06850

Players must register in advance. No on-site registration.

Same day cancellations are considered a breach of our code of conduct.

No refunds 24 hours before the event.

Rounds 1:00pm then ASAP. All players play three games.
The first round will begin on time.
Estimated round times: 1:00pm, 2:15pm, 3:30pm. Some sections may finish sooner.

G/30 +5 second delay, USCF rated.

Format: 4-person round-robin (3 games)
Players are grouped by live regular rating.
Tournament open to all.

All ages and all levels welcome.
One six player swiss if necessary.

Entry Fee: $35 or $20 for club members

CCFC Membership is just $10/month (Tournament Pass)

Prizes: $50 1st each quad, 2nd in swiss $25.

No byes permitted as this is a three round tournament. All participants are expected to complete all of their games.

USCF Membership Required. Join at uschess.org

No parking in main lot on Sundays

Registration is a two step process.

Step 1: Make Payment

Step 2: At bottom of receipt page select "Click here to complete registration".

Please contact us at ccfc@fairfieldcountychess.com to be put on the waiting list






Brent McCreesh
Stanley Guttman
Becka Kvirikadze
Maggie Kvirikadze




CCFC In-Person Tournaments
Rules & Safety Precautions

  • Only come if you are not sick and have no symptoms. 
  • All tournaments will be advance registration only to facilitate contactless payments. 
  • The building will open at 12:30pm, however players are encouraged to come closer to the start time to reduce congestion. Anyone dropping off are encouraged to remain outside the building if possible.  
  • All individuals entering the building will have their temperature taken upon arrival.  Anyone with an above average temperature will not be permitted to enter the building. 
  • No handshakes. 
  • Hand Sanitizing/Washing hands is required between games. 
  • Only one board will be set up per table. 
  • No eating or drinking at the board. Players must move at least six feet away or to another room.
  • Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer available.  Disinfecting spray is also available in the playing room and bathrooms. 
  • As always, we work hard to maintain the cleanliness of the club at all times.  We will continue with an enhanced cleaning routine between events. 


Questions? Email us at ccfc@fairfieldcountychess.com


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