"I was getting more and more concerned about the amount of time my son spent playing video and online games. He was obsessed with trying to get more powerful so that he could beat more players. I'm happy to say that from the first day he arrived at Chess Club of Fairfield County..., he has channeled all of that energy and enthusiasm into chess. He is no longer interested in the games he played before. I feel like he is using his mind more, learning to plan ahead and devise a strategy; skills that will help him in the future with both school and life. Instead of staring at a computer screen he is making friends and learning from great teachers."

-Karen K.


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"I was very impressed by the brightly lit space and size of the facility, but more impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the team at Chess Club of Fairfield County - my son will be a long time member and they are mentoring a love of the game" -Nate D.

"I can't tell you how much Jack loved chess camp. Every afternoon he was reluctant to leave and every morning he was eager to arrive. In fact, he has asked to add an extra week of camp, and if he had more free time this summer it would all be spent at CCFC. As a parent it is wonderful to know that your child is learning, making friends and having fun all at the same time. Thanks again!" -Margaret VR.

"CCFC has provided a fun, challenging and supportive learning environment for our children. The staff tailors lessons to individual needs yet manages to create a truly collaborative experience. My children's chess skills have greatly improved and they have developed a deep love and reverence for the game. Best of all they've learned good sportsmanship. I strongly recommend the camp, the classes and one-on-one instruction." -D. K., parent

"Thanks for the summer camp, she was so happy there and had a big improvement." -Carol L.

"Aalok loves going to CCFC every week.... He would stay there the whole day if he can...." -Mosoumi B.

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