Over the board rated tournaments return to CCFC!
See below for safety precautions we have implemented.

Saturday G/45 Quads

Saturday, June 26th

Chess Club of Fairfield County
710 West Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06850

Players must register in advance. No on-site registration.

Same day cancellations are considered a breach of our code of conduct.

No refunds 24 hours before the event.

Rounds 1:00pm then ASAP. All players play three games.
The first round will begin on time.
Estimated round times: 1:00pm, 2:45pm, 4:30pm. Some sections may finish sooner.

G/45 +5 second delay, USCF rated.

Format: 4-person round-robin (3 games)
Players are grouped by live regular rating.
Children under 13 years old must be rated 1000+ to be eligible to participate.

Adults of all levels welcome.
One six player swiss if necessary.

Entry Fee: $35 or $20 for club members

CCFC Membership is just $10/month (Tournament Pass)

Prizes: $50 1st each quad, 2nd in swiss $25.

No byes permitted as this is a three round tournament. All participants are expected to complete all of their games.

USCF Membership Required. Join at uschess.org

Advance Entries as of 6/22

No. Name Rating
1. Zachary Tanenbaum 2294
2. Oliver Chernin 2200
3. Trevor William Brooks 2008
4. James Chirilov 1992
5. Aiden Reiss 1957
6. Jerry Jin 1932
7. Xan Meister 1865
8. Max Ingargiola 1853
9. Kyle Dong 1850
10. Yusuf Mansurov 1828
11. Spencer Krex 1766
12. Shailen Smith 1765
13. Henry Buczkiewicz 1739
14. Aaron Lee 1725
15. Calvin Du 1611
16. Vedanta Bhargava 1609
17. Stanley Guttman 1600
18. Erik Nebylovych 1569
19. Andrew DeMartino 1542
20. Rich Tanenbaum 1474
21. Arabella Fang 1468
22. Kannan Vaidyanathan 1454
23. Anson Leong 1412
24. Sahil Vora 1401
25. Jordy Leon 1373
26. Max Meister 1246
27. Nitish Heston 1187
28. Kushagra Bhargava 1180
29. Thomas Swain Smith 947
30. Umar Mansurov 923

Registration Closed: Tournament Sold Out

Registration is a two step process.

Step 1: Make Payment

Step 2: At bottom of receipt page select "Click here to complete registration".

Complete registration form


Please contact us at ccfc@fairfieldcountychess.com to be put on the waiting list

CCFC In-Person Tournaments
Rules & Safety Precautions

    • The plexiglass partitions will be discontinued starting on 6/26.
    • Only come if you are not sick and have no symptoms. 
    • All tournaments will be advance registration only to facilitate contactless payments. 
    • The building will open at 12:30pm, however players are encouraged to come closer to the start time to reduce congestion. Anyone dropping off are encouraged to remain outside the building if possible.
    • Masks must be worn at all times in the building.  All are encouraged to bring their own or they can purchase one from CCFC for $1. Neck gaiters and masks with vents not permitted.  
    • All individuals entering the building will have their temperature taken upon arrival.  Anyone with an above average temperature will not be permitted to enter the building. 
    • Total capacity is limited to 30 players.  Reduced capacity in lounges, kitchen, library and classrooms. 
    • No handshakes. 
    • Hand Sanitizing/Washing hands is required between games. 
    • Only one board will be set up per table. 
    • No eating or drinking at the board. Players must move at least six feet away or to another room.
    • Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer available at each board.  Disinfecting spray is also available in the playing room and bathrooms. 
    • As always, we work hard to maintain the cleanliness of the club at all times.  We will continue with an enhanced cleaning routine between events. 


    Questions? Email us at ccfc@fairfieldcountychess.com


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